Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

My sister sent me this picture earlier this week and it just made my day. My nephew Nolan on his way to daycare in his business attire. We gave him that onesie for Christmas and it looks so cute on him. If you want one my friend Keight made it.

I would take him to work any day!!

Hope you have a great Friday and it is a good start to an awesome weekend!

-- Marisa

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you were on Top Chef

One show that I still watch living in Germany is Top Chef, yes American version in English on our computers. This season is Top Chef Allstars and can I say AMAZING. They brought back contestants from past seasons that either got 2nd, 3rd or 4th. So these are the best of the best competing against each other and it gets intense in the kitchen. I am team Richard Blais, but a close runner up would be Carla Hall just because she is so crazy! On this past week's episode they cooked for comedian Jimmy Fallon's birthday lunch. Each contestant had to cook one of Jimmy's favorite meals. This inspired Justin and I and we decided to come up with our own list of meals we would have Top Chefs cook for our birthday party. The funny part is 4 of the 8 on our list were the same, what does that say about us? The bold ones were the ones that were the same.

Justin's List
1.) Filet mignon 
2.) Cheeseburger
3.) Philly steak and cheese sandwich
4.) Tuna steak
5.) Pork loin
6.) Fried Chicken (Justin is from the South)
7.) Chicken Alfredo
8.) BBQ pulled pork sandwich

Marisa's List
1.) Filet Mignon and mashed potatoes (whipped style with lots of butter and no I am not from the South)
2.) Tacos or any Mexican for that matter (here is where my true colors shine)
3.) Philly steak and cheese sandwich
4.) Chicken pot pie
5.) Pad Thai
6.) BBQ pulled pork sandwich
7.) Chicken Alfredo
8.) Red beans and rice with cajun sausage

What would be on your list? 
It was fun activity and you should give it a go! Justin had the idea that we had to cook one of these this week, we will see how that pans out.

Here are some of our Top Chef moments

Chicken Parmesan-seems easy, but shake and bake doesn't exist here. I found this great recipe for the chicken if you are looking for one. And yes, we only have two electric burners and yes they need a serious scrub, but doesn't the food look great!

One of our favorite German dishes is called Kase Spaetzle. Justin made this rendition tonight and it rocked! No German meal would be complete without a dirty Pils.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and I hope someone is cooking up something nice for you!
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