Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

This spring has been a total change from last year. I actually like Frankfurt this spring. Last year it was cold until June and this year it has been warm since April and the weekends are full of fun in the sun. We are totally German and we are enjoying a lot of park going. Here are some pictures from the last two months and all our weekends soaking in the rays.

American football has been busted out

And the Americans were loving it

Two of our coworkers play on an Aussie rule football team. This was our first game ever and we figured out the rules as the game went on.

They lost 131-6, but hey whose counting

For Mother's day we headed to the river with our friends that are mothers

The whole gang, the Rennie's and the Tillery's

A little treat for the moms and I was the only girl left so they let me partake in the fun.

Got to hang out with this cutie pie, Rose

and this handsome fellow, Finn

At some point the guitar got busted out and Craig laid down some Johhny Cash for us.

Justin got into the action too. We should have opened up the case and seen how much money the two guys could get.

This spring has been a total 180 from last year and it truly makes Germany bearable when it is only cold for 5 months out of the 12 months. No wonder Germans have so many festivals, you have to take in as much sunshine while it lasts.

I have been enjoying the sun so much that I even had my birthday party at the park, more on that to come.
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