Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Crisp

Since moving to Germany my recipe repertoire has grow substantially. Who knew that with two burners and a toaster oven that could happen. One area of cooking that has been on the decline since moving here was my baking. I was afraid that cakes wouldn't cook through and I would have burnt tops and gooey middles. But after making a few cakes and some cupcakes I realized that the toaster oven works miracles.

In an effort to expand my baking skills I wanted to give an apple crisp a go. I thought this was a good way to get Fall started and also it is apple season here in Frankfurt. I found this recipe online with a video included and the results are below. I used all organic ingredients (whole wheat flour, etc.) and it turned out great! Justin is a big apple dessert guy and he enjoyed it very much. The recipe was super easy and the only hard part was peeling all the apples.

A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream complements the apple crisp well

For all you apple lovers out there this is a quick, easy and tasty recipe. 
Happy Fall Y'all!!!


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