Thursday, December 8, 2011


     Once Marisa found out that she would be in Lisbon for a girls' weekend I couldn't stand the thought of spending that weekend at home in Frankfurt.  I immediately thought of possible short weekend trips to take in order to avoid missing out on the fun.  I convinced my friend Andy to join me for a "guys" weekend to rival the girls' weekend and we came up with the port city of Hamburg - about 4 hours north of Frankfurt.  It was pretty much the last "major" city in Germany that I hadn't been to and a perfect opportunity to cross it off the list.

The beautiful port city of Hamburg - Europe's third largest.  Situated on the Elbe River, it's Germany's most important shipping hub.

     We came with no real game plan - just to explore and experience the city.  As Marisa had the camera in Portugal this weekend, Andy stepped up to the plate and delivered these fabulous photos.

Lots of shipping and ship-building going on.  We took a public transit boat on a nice little unofficial tour of the port.

Near the fish market that rages for a few hours every Sunday we have this fish monger and notice the cruise ship being assembled in the background.

I love the black-and-white effect here.  These bicycles were parked in a most unfortunate position underneath a tree that was home to dozens of pigeons.

One of our favorite finds was this little cafe that was furnished with tall armchairs and ottomans - much like a friend's living room.  Nice a cozy on a cool November evening.

We had a foggy night that made for some great photos down by the water.

Another foggy photo.

Hamburg also had plenty of swanky shopping streets and alleys.

Nice little reflection pic amid the canal system.

Ever see Hitchcock's "The Birds"?  This guy came straight out of Bodega Bay!

St. Pauli - the section of Hamburg with the most character.  It's the working class part of town, yet also kind of hip and trendy.

St. Pauli - also famous for their football club which bears the skull and crossbones as their logo.  They're known as some of the most passionate fans in Germany.

Ooohhhh..............I like Hamburg.

Hamburg is a very livable city with enough variety to make me want to return.  Excellent guys' weekend.  Thanks for the pics Andy!

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