Friday, April 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

I know this is totally late but we had such a good time that I thought I would share even if it is a month overdue.

In very impromptu fashion I decided the Wednesday before St. Patrick's Day that I wanted to throw a party in my 42 square meter apartment. I had seen an idea about a beer tasting party and I thought what better holiday to try it out on than St. Paddy's Day.  So we packed our tiny apartment with about 12 people and tasted a bunch of beer before heading down to the neighborhood Irish Pub.

The way it worked, everyone brought a beer and we gave it a number and people could try as many beers as they wanted and then ranked it on a 1-5 shamrock scale. In total I think we had about 17 beers including a true green one flavored with Waldmeister. Prizes were given to the top two beers (A taste of the rainbow, Skittles). We blared some of our favorite Irish tunes and had a great night while wearing green.

Getting all set up

In the midst of tasting and ranking

My last minute decorations... not too bad huh?

The aftermath

My creative efforts at making a ranking card

It turned out to be a really fun idea and I look forward to doing it again. It made for a night full of great conversation, opinions, and of course laughs.

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