Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first European Opera

Our last night in Budapest we decided to kick up the class a notch and go to the opera. I have never been to an opera in Europe and Justin said it is something everyone should do. He went to a few on his study abroad in Germany back in college. The Budapest opera house was absolutely beautiful and just walking in put me in the mood for some high-class opera.

The spiral staircase leading to our seats

The amazing ceiling painting

Justin looking so sophisticated in his plaid

The place was covered in gold crown molding and these box seats were definitely a highlight

The view from our seats...not bad huh?

Now that I have raved about the opera house I wish I could say the same about the opera. We watched a Richard Wagner opera all in German with a screen translating it into Hungarian. One mistake Justin and I made was not reading the synapsis ahead of time and not having a clue what was going on. Now, Justin knows some German but even if the opera was sung in English I still think we wouldn't have understood it. We made it through the first Act or about an 1.5 hours and decided we did not want to waste 5 hours of our life sitting through this just to say we saw an opera. So I can check a European opera off the list and move on to other classy things. In the end we found an awesome restaurant and enjoyed the rest of the evening doing what a 28 and 30 year old do and not what a 70 year old does.

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