Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Erdinger Oktoberfest 2012 - Hong Kong

Before moving to Hong Kong, we were elated to find out that there would multiple Oktoberfest celebrations there.  We made sure to ship our lederhosen and dirndl to make a splash in the Fall.  While the festivities in HK come several weeks later than the actual Oktoberfest, the wait allows the organizers to book real bands from Munich, which really helps with the authenticity.  As far as we know there are about three major festivals to choose from:  Happy Valley Racetrack, Marco Polo Hotel, and the Erdinger Oktoberfest.  This year we decided to check out the Erdinger Oktoberfest.

 Inside the tent

 Outside the tent at the Indian Recreation Club

The only picture that we took together.  Since not many guests were dressed up, we were often mistaken for people that worked there and several people wanted their picture taken with us.

     We rallied together some of our colleagues and came to the event with no expectations - keeping our fingers crossed (or thumbs pressed) for a good time.  We weren't let down as the menu was pretty authentic, the band was legit, playing many schlager songs that we remembered from Germany, and the beer was......well, from Erdinger and very expensive.

Most of our group, shortly after arrival.
Not a bad atmosphere inside the tent, on a much smaller scale than the real thing.

Marisa's favorite song involves all of these motions, much like a kindergarten or VBS song.  I still couldn't tell you the name of it, but it goes through several similes like being "strong like a tiger" and "swimming like a fish" and so on.  Needless to say, this guy got the party going.

I told you she loves that song.

One contest involved competitors trying to eat a 2 ft long sausage.  No way I was going to participate in that one for at least two reasons:  a) I would probably choke (damn narrow esophagus) and b) this type of thing just sets you up for all kinds of jokes for life.

There was an Oktoberfest costume competition, in which Marisa and I participated.  Unfortunately we didn't win because a late entry "Superman" character slipped into the competition.

There were plenty of games to be had, like this one where Erik is trying to play shuffleboard with a krug. 

The most popular contest was the mass holding contest, where they give you two glasses to hold straight out from the body.

With a steady hold surpassing 7 minutes, our friend Marcus set the record for the evening.......and only got a lousy, paper apron for his efforts!

I held long enough for a key chain, but that was about it.  I have a history of sucking at this game!  My highlight of the night came later when I went to buy food and the lady says, "Wait, are you staff?"  Without hesitation I jokingly replied (but with no facial expression, of course if you know me at all), "No, no.........I'm with the band."  For the first time in my life that actually worked and she gave me all of my food for FREE!!!  It's the least they could do for overcharging for drinks and not giving us the prize in the costume contest.

Good times were had by all and we'd definitely recommend the Erdinger Oktoberfest in Hong Kong - if you can't make it to the real thing, that is!

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