Friday, December 21, 2012

Hong Kong vs. Australia

We recently went down to the neighborhood stadium to watch a football match between Hong Kong and Australia.  It was a second round match of the East Asia Cup, so it wasn't a huge deal but it was a great opportunity to see the Australian national team up close for a really good price.

The fan club was present, but the atmosphere was much calmer than the Bundesliga that we'd been used to.  What's funny is that the cheers and sounds that people make sound very different from what you get at Western sporting events.  I can't really explain it, you can tell that the noises are just different.

Hong Kong's team had the speed, but the Australian side had the size.

Marisa and I along with two co-workers had some pretty ballin' seats, but the action wasn't too exciting.

A late goal was enough for Australia to pull off the victory against the scrappy HK team.
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