Monday, March 15, 2010

Outlet Shopping

In an attempt to find a dress for a wedding and already exhausting all my options in Frankfurt, we decided to head to the Outlets.  This was also a chance to go on our first event with the Newcomers Network, an organization for expats in certain areas of Germany. They have a social gathering every first Monday of the month with networking and usually a speaker, I hope to make it to one soon. They also have wine and whiskey tastings and other events to help you meet people.
On Saturday morning we headed out at 10 am and got to the Outlets at about a 11. This free bus ride also included free lunch and a 10% off coupon, not a bad deal for FREE! 
We wondered around for an hour and realized there wasn't many stores that we knew the names of so we would just wonder in, only to find a sign that says 20% off purchases of 300 euros or more and this is when we would turn right back around. After a few hours of browsing we loaded up and headed out around four.

I will say that these were the best looking outlets I have seen. They are brand new, but they built them in a way that has an old european flare.

The most predictable store at the Outlets. Anyone in the market for house slippers at low low prices?

In the end it was a good day to get out of the house, but not the best shopping day. I did manage to get a really cute sun-dress and Justin picked up a pair of trendy Converse sneakers. In conclusion, I definitely like our American outlets better and I am sorry to say that, but I just can't afford Versace and Escada even at outlet prices.
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