Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming...or at least I thought it was.

To not get depressed by the weather forecast for this weekend I am going to look back on happier weather forecasts. They are predicting snow on Saturday and I can't believe it since we have had so much sunshine lately. I am so bummed about it because last Saturday was such a tease then. It was sunny and warm and it was starting to look like spring was just around the corner. I am going to stay positive and just hope the weatherman is wrong.
Last Saturday we stayed in town (which we will be doing until we head back to the States on the 26th) and  explored more of our town. It started with an apple/strawberry strudel followed by a walk through our farmers market and stopping to get a brat and pommes. From there we hopped on the StrassenBahn, which Justin loves to do since you can see more above ground, and headed to a new music store. We walked all over the city just to be out in the sun and among all the people who also came out of hibernation. We had a two for one coupon to one of the art museums and they were having an exhibit on Georges Seurat. I am a huge impressionist fan and I was pumped to see this exhibit. It had over 60 pieces in the collection and we really enjoyed it. Seurat was really talented and he got better the older he got and it is sad that he died so young at the age of 31 unexpectedly.

We bought a poster that looks just like this and it will be hanging in our apartment.

We are so happy! The sun is out and the world is right.

We finished the day by cooking dinner and watching a movie...a great relaxing Saturday. It was such an enjoyable day and I was hoping to repeat it again this weekend by going to the flea market and finding myself a bike. Here's hoping! 
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