Monday, May 10, 2010

Lauren and Casey's Wedding Weekend-Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I had the opportunity and pleasure of being able to go to one of my best friend's wedding a few weekends ago. Yes it was in the United States and thanks to Donnie and giving me a buddy pass I was able to fly back only 17 days after just being in the States. One perk of flying on a buddy pass was that I flew business class both ways and all I know is when I am rich that is how I will travel, but for now thank you buddy passes.

Lauren and I have known each other since our freshman year in college (almost 10 years..crazy). We were teammates at Georgia Tech and roommates for about 4 years. She is an amazing woman and I cherish the friendship we have carried over the years. Even with miles between us we have stayed friends for the long haul. She is truly a great person and is doing incredible things with her life

The wedding weekend started on a Wednesday when a group of us who arrived early to just enjoy each others company. The whole weekend was like a reunion with Georgia Tech volleyball from coaches, players and parents. We had so much laughing and of course talking about the old days.

Love these girls!

Great to see Bird's parents Jungle Jim and Denise. To say Jim was excited to be there would be an understatement.

Thursday was our only true sunny day and we all spent it on the beach. As more guests arrived they came out to the beach. From throwing footballs to laying out it was one of my favorite days. What made it even better was the surprise friend that came out to visit me, Matt Davis. Matt Davis is one of Justin's best friends and now lives in Tallahassee. He drove over for the day just to hang out with me, what a guy! I felt bad in a way because I know Justin really wishes he could have seen Matt. Matt was awesome and just made instant friends with everyone and by the end was playing cards with the dads. 

Thanks for driving out Matt. It was great to see you!

Thursday night Leslie, Lauren's mom, cooked up a feast. With lots of southern comfort foods like honey baked ham, sweet potato souffle, green beans and more. I have to admit that all the butter was a little too much for my stomach, but it was worth every bite.
Nicole, Lauren and I before the feast.

After dinner it was Bachelorette Party time. We gave Lauren some gifts that we know Casey will enjoy and then everyone (boys and girls) headed out for a night on the town. It was a really fun night even when Bond couldn't get into a bar (no ID= No Entry, even if you are older than all of us). 
All the bridesmaids minus Brittany

Most of the girls going out!

GTVB reunion and Bond's girls

Bachelorette Party!!!!

On Friday we woke up to a gray and rainy day, but that didn't keep us down. This was one of the big days for Lauren and Casey as they headed down to the courthouse to get married for the first time. One of the most precious moments of the weekend was when Lauren's mom gave her a little white box and inside was her grandmother's wedding ring and engagement ring. They had been cleaned up and reset and it was beautiful and her grandmother told Lauren's mom that she wanted Lauren to have it. Lauren's mom thought that this was the perfect time to give it to her. She had all the bridesmaids in tears and it was a moment and gift that I am sure Lauren will cherish forever.
Leslie giving Lauren the white box. Leslie was incredible all weekend long!

Going to the courthouse and we're gonna get married! 

Later that day we all went to get our nails done and enjoy some down time. That night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I have to say the rehearsal dinner was off the chain. Think of Maggiano's, but better. They served amazing family style Italian food and wine. We ate and drank until we just couldn't eat or drink anymore. Thank you Steinbrecher's for a fabulous evening.
The Happy Couple. Both looking radiant. 

Casey being a kid and making puppets from his shrimp heads. Now I see why Lauren loves this guy.

We clean up nicely. 

Bird and her boyfriend Joe aka man of the hour.

Mom, Dad and their two kids. Reenactment Thanksgiving 2004

The dads and the coach! Who feels short here?

Saturday morning we woke up and started to work. From setting up the house for the reception to preparing food. At one point we all needed a break and headed to PF Changs for a pre-wedding lunch and thank God we did. It was good for us to slow done and enjoy a big meal before everything got a little crazy. After lunch the getting ready started. With hair and make up flying we got beautiful especially Lauren. She looked amazing. Lauren made sure to take care of the old, new, borrowed and blue. Her blue was from Bird and let's just say it went under the dress, the borrowed was from me and it was the brooch I wore in my hair at my wedding and she wore it in her hair. The old was her grandmother's rings and Leslie came through again with new. She gave Lauren new diamond earrings. 

Yes she is that beautiful and yes I am that white and that short. But the girls were tamed and we were ready to go.

Sorry I don't have more pictures of getting ready or of the ceremony, but you can understand it was a little hectic and I was in the wedding party. The ceremony was out on the beach. It was a little gray and windy, but it all turned out great. The groomsmen ran in to the song "chariots of fire" and it was like a scene out of Baywatch. James the officiant did a great job and you could really tell he put a lot of time and effort into the words he shared with Casey and Lauren.
Mr. and Mrs. Steinbrecher. Congratulations!

After the wedding we all headed back to the reception at the beach house. Jungle Jim ran the grill and we had hamburgers and brats. Bird gave a beautiful toast and so did Casey's brother, Nick. I think by this point in the weekend everyone was a little exhausted, but it was a beautiful reception and wonderful food and friends. 
Jungle Jim manhandling the grill.

Bond and his wife Katherine

Nicole and her boyfriend Elias (sorry if I spelled that wrong) A big thanks goes out to these two for helping me out a ton to be at this wedding.

My girl Bird. 

Roomies!!! Love you girls!

Lauren and Casey I am so happy for you and welcome to the club. Being married is one of the most amazing things God can give to two human beings. Work hard at it and always put each other first. Thank you for including me in your wedding and it was such an honor to be there. You two are incredible people and I am so glad you found each other.

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