Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Snapshots- Florence

With the Luke's, my hot hubby and my trusty Rick Steves' guidebook in hand we headed out on our three and half week summer trip yesterday. Since we will be traveling all of July and not sure where we will have internet we decided to do a fun thing with the blog. Instead of telling you all the stories now we will just post a few snapshots from that day, week, city, etc. We hope you will enjoy traveling with us over the next few weeks throughout Italy and a little of Greece and Turkey. Also we hope we can give you a few cool pictures to look at along the way.

Duomo aka cathedral 

Baptistery, Giotto's Tower and Duomo

Ponte Vecchio bridge on the Arno river.

A tradition you see throughout Europe is locks on bridges. The locks are put there by lovers and after locking their love, they throw the key into the river to show a commitment to each other.

A few more days in Florence then off to Tuscany for a week. Happy summer traveling wherever you are!

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