Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Snapshots-Siena

View of Siena

At a glance you think this picture is of Marisa, but looking a bit closer you realize that the picture is actually of someone else....

Il Campo - the plaza where the famous Il Palio horse race takes place on July 2nd and August 16th.  People pack into the center and horses representing teams from the 17 contradas (neighborhoods) race around a dirt track around the outside of these posts.  Each contrada has its own colors and mascots that range from caterpillars, to snails, to trees.  Wish we would've made it in time to see it.

Italian gelato - this is a glimpse of the grandeur of this amazing treat.

Inside the Duomo in Siena - very impressive interior with marble carvings in the floor depicting scenes from the Old Testament and carvings of the heads of all of the popes around the ceiling.

Another view of Siena.

One of the numerous pottery shops in Tuscany - they have some nice regional patterns that they paint on any piece of pottery you could want for your home.

Siena Duomo from the front.

Siena rooftops.
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