Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Calling all music fans!

This is a little side-note before continuing on with the Summer Snapshots. You have all heard me talk about my boy Blue aka Ryan Kiesshauer before. He is an aspiring musician and needs our help to win a really cool contest. He has entered into a competition through a radio station in Atlanta called 104.7 the Fish to be the opening act for a big concert they put on called Celebrate Freedom. He had to make a YouTube video of himself singing a song (an original from his cd) and now this is where you come in. We need to watch this video as much as possible before August 20th. It will be narrowed down to five finalist who then will perform for some judges and the winner will get to perform at the concert and take home $10,000 and $10,000 will go to their charity of choice. Ryan has already said he would give the money to GTCFF which is the campus ministry we were all involved in during college and where Ryan lead worship for many years. So please help my dear friend out by watching his video (even just a part counts as a view)

Here is the link to his YouTube video:

From left to right Justin, Buck, T.J, Ryan aka Blue and Jesse

I hope you will help my friend out and watch his video. This is such a huge passion for him and he is following his dreams to make it happen. If he wins this it could be a great jump start for his musical career. Your my boy Blue and you know if I lived in Atlanta I would be front and center for this concert.

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