Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Sachsenhausen

Two weekends ago we wanted to go explore some more of Frankfurt. You would think after a year we would have seen a lot of Frankfurt, which we have, but there are a few corners we haven't ventured to yet. We have been to Sachsenhausen many times, but for some reason had never made it to Old Sachsenhausen. Both these places are across the river from us and are famous for their Apple wine or in German Apfelwein. The normal Sachsenhausen is a great place to go and hang out either for a nice glass of apple wine or for a great meal. Old Sachsenhausen is also good for all these things, but it has so much more character and you really feel like you are in a German town.  I can't wait to go here for a meal or a glass of apple wine, but more than that I can't wait to take some visitors here.

The path across the river.

A view from the other side of the river. If only those cranes weren't in the picture.

One of the many streets winding through this cute quarter. Cobblestone and half-timbered it!

You tell me!

These little plaques were all over this district hence the Apple Wine quarter.

Just to get an idea of what this area looked like.

I thought the side of this building was so unique. 

So come visit us so we can take you to all the cool areas of Frankfurt, it is cooler than you think. After the big summer trip we had a couple weeks of down time in Frankfurt and so we did some exploring and really enjoyed just being in Frankfurt. Stay tune to a post on the Frankfurt Zoo!

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