Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frankfurt Zoo

Before the Summer left us, we took the opportunity to visit our very own Frankfurt Zoo during our relaxed month before school started back.  I must admit that "nature shots" are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, although the zoo is kind of a cheap way to get them.  Don't judge............just enjoy!

Visit started off strong with the Sun Bear.  Before this he was standing up and scratching his back against the wall - loved it.

Don't worry, I wasn't that close to this king of the jungle - the zoom lens was in effect!

First of many monkey shots.

This caged bird wasn't singing

We loved this guy.  Besides his sweet handlebar mustache, this guy also liked to hold his tail and look at it.

Giving us the evil eye.

We spent half of our visit at the Orangutan house.  This one seemed to be the old wise one - we'll call him "Rafiki".

Feeding time for the chimps - apparently they like apples and they can carry about a dozen at a time using their hands, feet, and mouth.

Black Rhinoceros

Flamingo hangout

Stop looking at me swan!

National Geographic here I come!

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