Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mixing Work and Pleasure - French Riviera

This year Marisa has had her hands full getting familiar with her new position as the University Counselor at our school. Since August she has been meeting incessantly with students, working with them on their college essays and helping them meet their deadlines for early decision etc. At times she's been so swamped that I have felt bad for her. Two weeks ago was definitely not one of those times.............

Monaco - view of the port

Monte Carlo Casino - Monaco

Independence Day in Monaco - Marisa lucked out to catch all of the celebration

Prince Albert II made a cameo appearance at the window of his palace

All of the on-lookers were dressed to the 9's - top hats, coat-tails, fur, etc..

Statue of Grimaldi - standing outside the palace to commemorate the time when he disguised himself as a monk to re-take the palace from some posers

National Cathedral of Monaco

Gardens surrounding the palace

Gorton the fish stick guy, or is it Fisherman's Friend? You decide.

Another sweet sculpture outside the palace

Every year our school sends representatives to a conference in Europe for international schools and college representatives. It's pretty important because she gets to attend various professional development workshops, speak more personally with college reps about prospective students from our school, and promote our school to those colleges. In other words, it's about networking and marketing and this year it couldn't have been done anywhere else but in the beautiful coastal country of Monaco!!

Marisa and co-worker Roger holding it down at the booth

Marisa spent nearly the whole week in Monaco for the conference and I flew down to meet her in Nice, France (about 20 minutes by train) for the weekend. It wasn't the prettiest weekends weather-wise, but it turned out to be a relaxing and enjoyable visit.

Hotel room in Nice

View from atop hotel in Nice

Marc Chagall Museum (freakin' awesome)

Chagall - one of his "Song of Songs" paintings. Many of his paintings depict Old Testament stories.

Besides the Chagall Museum, all Marisa wanted was a stop at a French cafe

Russian church - established by many of the immigrants in Nice

Nice - French Riviera

It was a fantastic weekend trip to see a place we probably couldn't afford to stay for a week. It's probably gorgeous in the Spring/Summer.

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