Friday, December 3, 2010

Das was?

Translated to English- Is that it? And I have to say NO WAY! I finished up my first German class last week and I have to say I really enjoyed being in a learning environment again. Yes it got annoying going to six hours of German a week for two nights a week three hours at a time, but I can confidently say I can now put a whole German sentence together. My teacher, Michael, was great and made the class really fun. We had people in the class literally from everywhere and for some the only way to communicate was in German. 

On our last class all of us that were left went out to dinner. From a class that started with 16 it ended with 6 or 7 committed students.

I have to say starting a new job and learning German has definitely been exhausting at times, but totally worth it. I will be taking a break now for the holidays and to actually study what I learned and then I hope to get in another class probably in February. 

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