Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eisenach and the Wartburg

In Germany there is no shortage of castles, which can have the tendency to make one forget that he comes from a country that doesn't have them. In appreciation of said castles, we drove out to the neighboring state of Thuringia just over the former East German Border to visit the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach.

Wartburg Castle - it's been around for over 900 years and it's not looking so bad if I do say so myself. I actually visited this castle once before on my study abroad, but I'm always up for a refresher.

Detail work on the fountain in the castle's courtyard.

Elisabeth of Hungary's quarters - this gal was apparently an old school Mother Theresa who fed the hungry, gave to the poor, nursed the sick, and rubbed the feet of the tired. She also really liked mosaic's apparently.

My favorite part of this tiled room was this German eagle in all of its glory.

This is a large hall on the upper floor where musicians still come to play.

This is it...........the very room where Martin Luther hung out for 10 months during the Protestant Reformation. It was here that he knocked out a German translation of the New Testament for the first time.

Wartburg from the inner court.

After touring the castle we took a few minutes to stroll around the lovely town of Eisenach.

It was a nice little day trip from Frankfurt and a very well-kept castle. Tours are only in German, however, so prepare yourself to stare intently at the guide and nod your head in understanding wherever you see it appropriate. Laugh when everyone else laughs............"ooh" and "aaah" on command and you'll be fine.


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