Friday, March 4, 2011

Our new obsession

The German winters can be long and depressingly cold. If you want to make it through with your sanity intact, you've got to get creative with entertainment. For my birthday I requested the German version of the board game known as "Ticket to Ride" in the States. Marisa and I were first exposed to this little gem from the Arrowood family in Tyrone, GA. Needless to say, we've nearly made it through the winter and we've never been better.

"Zug um Zug: Europa" - ready to brighten those dark, winter days. Look for the expansion packs for Switzerland and USA!

The basic objective is to build an elaborate train track that stretches across the continent, connecting major cities and completing specified routes in order to earn the most points. Unlike some strategy games, this one is completed in around an hour so you won't have to use up an entire weekend to finish one game.

In the middle of the transportation conquest of Europe! I think Deutsche Bahn uses this game for all of their trainees.

While the Jackson's have never been known to be competitive, Marisa and I do keep a tally of the winner of each game - just for house bragging rights. At press time the current tally is: Marisa - 4, Justin - 3, Bond - 1. We'll keep you posted!


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