Sunday, August 14, 2011

We are back!

After a month of traveling all over Europe with family and friends we are finally back in Frankfurt to write about it all. So please give me the next week to catch up on everyone else's blogs too. To close out the trip with the Brazell's I need to add one more photo.

We took a later train back to Frankfurt to get a full last day in Paris and didnt arrive back in Frankfurt until about 11pm. The whole train ride Andrew was talking about the schnitzel from our neighborhood place and how he wishes he could have one more before he left the next morning. Justin and I both thought by the time we could get there at 11:30pm the kitchen would be closed. Well on a whim we headed over to see Tanya at 11:30pm. Justin asked in a sweet voice if the kitchen was open and Tanya said no, but then with a smile on her face said wait one minute. As her husband, the chef, was just walking out of the kitchen she asked if he could whip up two schnitzels for us. He kindly agreed and there at 11:30 at night our girl, Tanya, came through once again. Meredith was so happy she just hugged Tanya. It was awesome. The Brazell's got to enjoy one more famous schnitzel and our love for our neighborhood joint grew a little more.

At the end of the meal we said our many thanks and Tanya gave Meredith one more hug for the road.

Tanya even took a picture with us! Man I love this place and I love sharing it with all our friends that travel through Frankfurt.

 On a side note, this is the season for Pfifferlingen mushrooms or in English chanterelle. I never liked mushrooms until I moved to Germany and these are by far my favorite. If you have never tried them I suggest a cream sauce over a meat...AMAZING! Our neighborhood place makes a Pfifferlingen schnitzel that is heaven on a plate.

We have one more week until we go back to work so we hope to catch you up on the summer adventures with our moms over the next few days. From Scotland to Ireland and some Eastern Germany we have a lot to share.

Hope everyone had a great summer as well full of travels, relaxing, and fun!

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