Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Snapshots 2011-Paris with the Brazell's

After Belgium we headed to Paris for three jammed packed days. This was Andrew's first time to Paris and a second trip for the rest of us, Meredith's first was only 12 hours though. My first visit was back in October 2009 after I had only lived in Germany for 2 months. It was great to be back and with two of our good friends. As you can imagine there are so many pictures so I will let them do the talking. You will notice lots of gray skies, jackets, and umbrellas. We didn't have the best luck with weather on our trip to Paris, but we managed to have a good time in spite of it.

Versailles Chateau 

Trying to stay warm as we waited to enter. You better believe we had our trusty Rick Steve's guidebook and downloaded free audio tour. Meredith is totally hooked on Rick now after this trip.

Outside the Chateau

Look at that excitement as we start our tour.

The hall of mirrors. Personally I think this is the most impressive room in the whole Chateau. It is huge and overlooks the beautiful gardens below.

Overlooking part of the gardens and a lake 

The Garden. Last time I didn't go through the gardens and I am so glad I did this time. With a little encourage from Meredith and some slick moves from Andrew we all enjoyed a stroll throughout the enormous gardens. The long lake in the background was a mile long and Louis XIV brought gondoliers in from Venice to add to its splendor.

Enjoying more of Rick Steve's audio tour as he included the gardens.

Walking through the garden

We walked to one of the summer homes on the grounds and this amazing exhibit was taking place. They had current designers make dresses inspired by the fashion of the 1400-1600's. This one is by Christian Dior.  Hello Project Runway Masters!

Paris Sights

The Arc de Triomphe 

We made it to the top and checked out the view of the Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Did Da Vinci think he would be this popular centuries later?

Don't we look so happy and not cold at all. I mean it is July, come on!

This is the Orangerie Museum, one I also didn't see on my first visit. It housed some of Monet's lillie pads. It was designed just as the artist had intended. They were huge and quite beautiful.

This museum is definitely worth it if you are in Paris. Next to the Musee D'Orsay this one might be my next favorite. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

The side of the Notre Dame. This place has sensational architecture.

To complete the view here is the back view

This was one of the best locks on a bridge I have ever seen. There was literally no room for more. This is a tradition you see all over Europe. Couples put locks on bridges to show their commitment to each other and the world.

One new area that we explored was the Latin Quarter. This was the English bookstore that many famous writers have passed through such as Hemingway and Joyce.

This area had a great vibe with bistros, boutiques and creperies. If I lived in Paris this is the neighborhood I would live in for sure.

Just look at the cute!

St. Chapelle-This place was full of scaffolding last time I was here, but on this day it was in all it's glory. 

This place is a sight to see with all the sainted glass windows. Truly amazing!

We were lucky and had a clear, slightly chilly night to take in the Eiffel Tower.

We enjoyed a picnic, French style, with some cheese, bread, chocolate and a little wine.

Then we sat back and enjoyed the show. I love watching it twinkle!

The Rodin Museum's beautiful rose gardens

The rain gave the statues an awesome effect. I really love this one, I can feel his pain and despair.

My all time favorite, the Kiss.

This one caught my eye this time. This is the prodigal son. Rodin really knew what he was doing.

And lastly we couldn't leave Paris without enjoying a crepe!

Despite the weather we had an awesome trip to Paris with the Brazell's. We ate plenty of French cuisine, I know Meredith loved that part. We saw tons of art and experienced a lot of culture. These are many of the things I love about traveling.  

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