Friday, November 18, 2011

Belated Halloween Post

While Halloween and trick-or-treating definitely exists in Germany, it doesn't seem to be quite as big of a deal as in the States.  We don't usually do much on this holiday anyways, but this year we ended up going over to two of our friends' places for a dinner, scary movie, and pumpkin carving.
     The meal was an impressive rolled, stuffed slice of meat along with a homemade mushroom soup.  The movie was Scream 4, which I didn't know was still going strong.  The carving was inspired by "Jack" from the Nightmare before Christmas, which incidentally is a great movie for both Christmas and Halloween.

scary, huh?

     One cool thing around Frankfurt is a haunted house thing they do at Burg Frankenstein (Castle Frankenstein).  We didn't make it this year, but some coworkers said that it was pretty legit with professionally done-up characters crawling around the grounds and scaring the mess out of folks.  I think they also do choreographed shows and dinners as well.  Maybe next year.

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