Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Earning some street cred

Some of you might be wondering why hasn't Marisa been writing any blogs lately (or you haven't noticed) but the reason is I am back in school people.  I started my master's degree back in August and since then my nose is either in a textbook or writing a paper on my computer. So as you can imagine the last thing I want to do is write some more.  I am studying to get my Master's of Education in School Counseling at Liberty University.  It is a three part program with one third online, one third classes on campus and one third is a practicum.  I am four classes in and I am loving it. I love being back in school and learning about something I am actually doing.  Because I work in education already I have plenty of ideas for topics and it is actually information that is useful to me now. Also by getting some kind of certification it will open up more opportunities in the counseling world for me. Hopefully I will graduate in 2013 and have a counseling license in Virgina, but don't worry once I get the hang of this whole school thing I will be back to blogging regularly. Plus life in general (work- it is application season, coaching volleyball, grad school, being social and being a good wife) has been crazy this past month and I am hoping after the holidays things will slow down. I have a few blogs to catch up on and hopefully I can do that soon.  I went to Lisbon, Portugal for a work conference and stayed for a weekend with the girls and then I went to Dresden to coach volleyball and open up the Christmas market season, so more on that in coming blogs.

Here is to a more educated Marisa. Now back to my 10 page paper due on Sunday.


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