Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morockin' it out: Sahara Desert

As many of you know I am easily excited by small things, but trekking on camels and a night under the stars in the Sahara desert was almost too much excitement. The only desert I have been to is Palm Desert in California and I hardly think those are even comparable.  It was not all fun and games but a memorable experience that I will never forget.

On our way. Don't see many of those signs in Germany or the US for that matter

I would say that is maximizing capacity

Todra Gorge

More nomadic people

Erfoud is known as the fossil town of the Sahara

Justin was loving this and couldn't help but think of his brother the geologist

Starting our two hour trek into the Sahara desert for a night under the stars

I am not totally sure about all this

Justin and I on our camels at sunset

Texture, I love the texture

Around 6am when the sun was just starting to come up over the desert

Good morning sun!

What an amazing event to witness, a sunrise over the Sahara desert. It was worth a freezing night in the desert

Our guide Addi was a trooper. He walked us 2 hours there and back.

The morning after and the camel and Justin are looking alright

My boy, Jimmie

I will tell you one thing they look cool but man do they smell 

Exactly what I picture when I think of the Sahara desert- Camels and Sand dunes

The overall experience of camel trekking two hours to our campsite and sleeping under the stars and watching the sunset and sunrise in the Sahara desert was really cool but I would probably not do it again. It was one of those life experiences you just cross off the list and appreciate it for what it was. For one, the camels smelled and weren't the most comfortable thing to ride. Secondly, it was really cold and my feet never got warm when I slept.  All that being said, I have never seen so many stars in my life and waking up to a shooting star was incredible. Watching the sun rise over the desert was an experience I will never forget. So if you have never done something like this I would say definitely give it a go. A trip to Morocco is not complete without a trip to the desert.

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