Monday, January 2, 2012

Eintracht Upgrade

As you know we have been fans of our local soccer team, Eintracht Frankfurt, since the beginning and we make it to a game or two every year. But this year we have more reason to be fans of the team...... one of our friends plays for the team now! One of my volleyball comrades from Orange County married a soccer player and they have been traveling around Germany for the past few years and he has been playing professionally. They recently moved to Frankfurt in August with two adorable babies in tow and we have had the pleasure of hanging out with them and caught the last game of the first half of the season before the Christmas holiday. They hooked us up with some player tickets and man were they an upgrade from our smoke-infested nose-bleed seats from before. 

Kick-off (the first one we have actually been on time for)

Our awesome upgraded seats right behind the team bench and on half field

Up in the action of post game interviews

Our boy, Rob #29. (Sorry not the best picture, but more action shots next time)

Thanks Rob and Mari and looking forward to cheering on #29 some more this season! Go Eintracht!

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