Friday, February 3, 2012

NYE Frankfurt Style

In the past two years we have been out of the country over the New Year's holiday.  Both years we returned to Frankfurt and found the sidewalks and streets littered with cheap, exploded fireworks and wondered what in the heck went on over NYE.  Well this year we managed to be in Frankfurt to bring in the New Year with some co-workers and have a closer look at just what goes down on this festive evening.

Probably the most disturbing part was the number of children who were wielding these Roman Candles and firing them off every which-a-way.  There was seriously one girl that got so excited when hers was lit that she immediately started to spin around and jump up and down, firing one shot into her brother's back and a second shot that flew a couple of feet over our heads.

Everybody loads up on cheap fireworks at the grocery stores and there is a mini-firework show on literally every sidestreet.  Without exaggeration, there was a barrage of colorful explosives going off for at least 45 minutes straight - and some solo acts that carried on well into the wee hours of the morning.

Champagne and M-80's were a pleasant combination.

2012 Y'all!!

I can't take credit for these amazing shots in difficult lighting.  My boy Tran, equipped with a much nicer camera than ours, donated these shots for the blog.

We've got a lot to celebrate in 2012 with a 30th birthday for Justin and a 5-year wedding anniversary in March..........and maybe even another international move???


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