Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mixing work and pleasure #3- Savannah & Atlanta, GA

As I have mentioned before here and here, occasionally I get some sweet perks with my job. Nothing crazy like box seats at the Superbowl or anything but this latest one was big. An art school in the States invited myself and 23 other art teachers and counselors to an educators workshop all expenses paid. I was super pumped when I got invited. It was a free trip to the States which I haven't been to in over a year and an awesome opportunity to see an art school for my students. The even better part of this story is that the art school was Savannah College of Art and Design aka SCAD.  I am very familiar with SCAD as they have campuses in Savannah and Atlanta, GA and I have taken one of their continuing education classes in Atlanta. Having lived and gone to college in Atlanta, I was already a fan of SCAD and was excited to see more of what they had to offer. This was quick trip with 3 days in Savannah and 2 days in Atlanta. My schedule was packed with tours, meals, presentations and more. But I did get the chance to have some drinks with Justin's family in Savannah and some friends in Atlanta. Here are a few of the highlights from the trip.

SCAD Savannah just opened a museum using an old train depot. One thing I love about SCAD is the way they take old historic buildings and restore them in original form with a modern twist.

For any of you Sex and the City fans, the shoes from the first movie where on display in the Andre Leon Talley gallery.

Wallpaper in display in the lobby of the museum that was designed by a former student. Another great aspect of SCAD that I love is the involvement of alumni and industry professionals.

Old Savannah- many reasons why I love this town.

One of the painting classrooms

Fashion department

Reminds me of Project Runway

They even had an equestrian center

I owe my love for Savannah to Justin as he was the first person to take me there. Our reason for going was always to visit his wonderful aunt Sheila and uncle Jackie. I was so excited to get some family time in with these two.

SCAD Trustee Theatre

SCAD student center 

This picture sums up my love for this city, trees and beautiful spanish moss

Caught a night with my GTAA coworkers in Atlanta, who I hadn't seen since two Christmas ago. It is always nice to be loud and laugh with these ladies; it is good for my soul

Drinks with my college buddies Mae, Buck (who you might remember them from our trip to Thailand last April), Andrew and Meredith.

It was a whirlwind of a trip full of information and jam-packed events. Here is the whole group that came on the trip. I met some great people and found a lot of inspiration.

This is not a sale pitch for SCAD but I was truly grateful for the opportunity they provided to me. The school is doing amazing things and I would be more than happy to send any of my students to this establishment.

For all of my GA peeps that I might have missed I hope to see you this summer when we are home.


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