Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday weekend in Bodensee

Seeing that my birthday was on May 20th this post is a little late but definitely worth it. Bodensee aka Lake Constance is a lake that lies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I have been wanting to go since we moved to Germany and seeing that we were leaving and it was my birthday I pulled rank on one of our long May weekends. 

We got pizza the night we arrived and both agreed the guy on our pizza boxes looked like George Clooney? What do you think?

We stayed in the town of Konstanz which is also home to a university. There were bikes, bikes, and more bikes.

We took a book across the lake to the town of Friedrichshafen. This town is famous for the invention of the Zeppelin aka the Goodyear blimp. You can get your own personal hydrogen-free ride on a modern Zeppelin for the low price of 200 Euros.

You might remember the Hindenburg disaster.

In Friedrichshafen they also had a Zeppelin museum with a full recreation of the inside of a Zeppelin. There were all about high class.

Here we go!

An artist put together a really cool exhibition of Zeppelins

Watch out Justin!

All over Bodensee they had some amazing fountains like this

As you can imagine this is a boating city

A nice little break on a bench in Friedrichshafen

More cool fountains in Konstanz

Cool right?

The city of Konstanz

A good view of Bodensee aka Lake Constance

One of my favorite activities of this trip was the Flower Island. It is called Insel Mainau and is home to some intricate flower displays and a butterfly house. Butterfly in German is Schmetterling and is now my favorite word in two languages (Mariposa in Spanish).

Just like the Rose Parade minus the moving part

This was some sort of bee house

Now the best part, the Butterfly house. Imagine a greenhouse with butterflies flying all around and that is exactly what this was like. Hundreds maybe even thousands of butterflies all around you. Landing on  the plants right next to you.

They also had some beautiful flowers in the butterfly house

I love butterflies and they remind me of my grandmother, Lorraine. She always loved butterflies because they were a symbol of rebirth or renewal and I like that.

Who dosen't love a mascot? To me it means photo op.

They even had a petting zoo

The Flower Island was absolutely amazing and one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Bodensee. I would suggest it to anyone.

Again more cool fountains

On the last day we headed to the quaint town of Meersburg

So picturesque 

After Meersburg we walked down a nature path to the town of Uberlingen and stumbled onto a medieval festival.

In Uberlingen they had a reconstruction of prehistoric huts. I guess they had found foundations all around the lake.

Finished off the weekend with some rock skipping. Look at that form!

We also enjoyed some lovely meals and of course the Champions League final during our weekend get away. Bodensee to me is a gem and I am so glad we got to end our time in Germany seeing more of their beautiful country. 


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