Monday, September 3, 2012

GTVB Reunion in Bamberg

One of our last stops in Germany before we left was to a city called Bamberg. It was a random Thursday German holiday (Thank you!) so we headed down on Wednesday night to spend the day in Bamberg. While we didn't do the best job of keeping up with our German friends while in Frankfurt, the times that we did we had loads of fun. That being said, two of my former GTVB teammates, Ulli and Katie, lived pretty close so I rallied them into spending the day with us. I have to give it to Ulli she was on crutches from a recent knee surgery and she was a trooper. I don't know if you know but Bamberg is known for being  the city of breweries, which is right up the Jackson's alley. We decided to see how many breweries we could hit up (responsibly) in one night and one day. Out of the nine in Bamberg we managed to visit six, not bad! The famous beer of this city is called Rauch Bier which literally translates to smoked beer. Of course we had to try it! All I can say is it is something you should try and I am not lying when I say it tastes like ham. Attention American friends, on our recent return to the USA we discovered that Rauch Bier can be found in speciality beer shops so now you can have the joy of trying it too! Between the breweries we did manage to see a few sights.

My girls!

GTVB Reunion!

Get in there Justin.

In the rose garden

I love these old signs all over Germany.

One more picture of the crew

One of the nine breweries. This one was known for Braun Bier aka Brown Beer

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