Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Years Young: Another day another decade

If every birthday could be like my 30th than it wouldn't be so bad getting old. As many of you already know I love birthdays and mine is no exception especially with such a big one- 30! This year was awesome because I think I had celebrations for almost 2 weeks. 

It started a bit early with my brother and his family visiting and we had an all dessert night celebration at the Sheraton's Morton Restaurant. Funny side story- the waiters were so friendly at Morton's and when the desserts came out they took a few pictures and at one point I was like, "Whose camera is that?"and the waiter replied, "mine." We all looked at each other and thought that is strange that the waiter is taking photos of us. But then 5 minutes later they came back with two framed photos for us to take home-AWESOME!

Happy Birthday to me with a few photo bombers. Taken with our camera.

Nothing says happy birthday like a chocolate molten cake!

Then the following night it was a whole family celebration (brother, sister-in-law and my two nieces) and they let me picked a restaurant. I have been waiting to try this cool restaurant called Bloom so we gave it a go and it did not disappoint.

Let them have cake!

The Aston clan all together for my big 3-0

The actual day fell on a Monday and honestly after a jammed back week and weekend with my family and knowing I had a big celebration planned for the upcoming Friday I kind of wanted something low-key. And my amazing husband delivered exactly what I wanted. The day started with a surprise gift that I have been wanting since we arrived, a blackboard by the front door. 

I think Justin has been using it more than I have so far.

Then my sweet colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake at our staff meeting!

Then Justin finished it out with one of my favorite meals and we relaxed by watching a movie. Exactly what I wanted and needed on a Monday night.

My mom and step-father even sent me beautiful flowers (even if it was totally debacle)

After a relaxing week and some time to charge up for the big celebration I was ready for a junk boat party. We rented a traditional Chinese style junk boat, had it catered with food and drinks, and invited 20 of our friends. It had been raining all week and I was very nervous about the boat trip, but God answered my prayers and the night was absolutely beautiful probably one of the clearest nights I have seen in Hong Kong. We boarded the boat and sailed around the Victoria Harbour and had a very memorable night. 
Photo taken from company website

The whole crew! Ready for dinner and cocktails while enjoying Hong Kong's famous harbor and skyline

I felt very special with cards, gifts, parties, and just lots of love. Thank you everyone that made my 30th one to remember. Side note- I do love Facebook on my birthday especially with the time change. I was getting birthday messages for like two days straight (Thank you friends). Lets see what the Lord has planned for me in my 30's. I am ready because I think I rocked my 20's out! Ready for the new chapter-Bring it on!.


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