Friday, February 21, 2014

Adventures in Hong Kong: Cheung Chau Island

By November, we are dying for a break from work, but with no school holidays from September to December we are kind of on Hong Kong lock down until Christmas. Hong Kong has a lot to offer so we decided to take an overnight trip to the outlying island of Cheung Chau. Our good friends, Becky and Vlada, go to Macau pretty often to "get away" from Hong Kong, but we decided to try something closer and cheaper. The weather was perfect and I have to say Cheung Chau is a cute and enjoyable little adventure. Unfortunately, we weren't there for the Bun Festival, but we still managed to take a short hike, eat some great seafood, and just enjoy a day in the sun.

The short 30 minute ferry ride to Cheung Chau. After this picture we paid the extra 7HKD to sit upstairs at a table. It was well worth it!

Justin got all excited about some random 1996 Atlanta Olympic rings.

Along our hike

The mini "Great Wall of China"

A little horsing around with fire sticks, why not? Props to Becky for hiking around at 6 months pregnant

This was the amazing sky we enjoyed while partaking in some snacks on the roof of our B&B

Some vino and nibbles? I think we will!

Our B&B was adorable and had some great Austrian beer which the boys loved!

Check out those chopstick skills! That is a peanut, that is what a year and a half in Asia can do for you too.

Dusk around the village was just beautiful

Love wandering onto random weddings, Check out that posing. They all look lovely.

A very picturesque place

For anyone visiting Hong Kong for more than a few days, Cheung Chau is definitely worth a visit. With beaches, shops, hikes, great seafood, and a very laid-back feel this place was a prefect getaway. Next time I want to rent bikes and ride around the island.


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