Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mixing Work and Pleasure #5: NYU Abu Dhabi

Occasionally I get the opportunity to visit different university campuses around the world with my job as a University Counselor. My last fly in was about two years ago at SCAD in Savannah and Atlanta, GA. These are great opportunities to see a campus first hand and report back to my students. This past November, I was invited to NYU Abu Dhabi. Everyone knows NYU in NYC,but did you know they have campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai? They are a very globally minded university and I really enjoyed my visit. 

They are building a new campus to open in Fall 2014, but this is their current building.

You can see the enormous campus being built in the distance. This area has a lot of plans for development.

This was my first time to the UAE and I definitely learned a lot. There is a lot of money being pumped through this country and they are developing everywhere. This photo is of their plans for the area around the campus until 2020. It will be a cultural center with their own Louvre and Guggenheim. 

A small detour from the campus visit was a stop at the Grand Mosque. It was a very impressive structure and the most modern mosque I have ever seen.


Italian marble

Had to wear the whole get up, but no worries I look good in black.

Bonus: Got to have a drink with my old colleague from Frankfurt, Ben. Great to see you Benny boy!!!

It was a quick informative and cultural trip. I will say I have to agree with many when I say that I thought Abu Dhabi lacked a bit of a soul for me. Granted, I didn't get to venture around too much, but from what I saw and experienced it seemed to be taking culture from other countries and adopting it. I won't write it off so quickly, I will give it another try. 

Perks of the job aren't too bad for a University Counselor, right?

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