Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fans from far away

 In honor of football season starting up we plan to be fans of Georgia Tech all the way from Germany. Thanks to our awesome friend, Melanie, who mailed us this year's football poster last week, we now have it proudly hanging in our living room. We are pumped for the season to kick off this weekend and we will be staying up on all the action throughout the season.
And don't think there isn't any other fans of the Jackets in Frankfurt because I ran into this guy getting on a train this week! GO JACKETS!!! He was from Marietta, GA, how awesome is that!

We all know that football aka soccer is very big in Europe and we are going to be hometown fans of our team Eintracht, GO EAGLES! I am a little bummed that their colors are black and red, but we will deal. I can't wait to go to our first game soon!
Also you all know Justin loves his American football so he is still holding strong to his fantasy football league, but we also have the pleasure of the German Bowl 2009. It will be hosted in Frankfurt and the best seat in the house is only 35 euros. Think Super Bowl European style. We know it will probably be some really bad football, but at least we can say we saw football in Germany. With no TV and no Sportscenter we might need the German Bowl.

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