Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Museums Ufer Fest 2009

This past weekend we attended Frankfurt’s famous “Museums Ufer Fest” which basically translates to “museums on the bank (of the Main River) festival”.  From Friday through Sunday we were able to pay a one-time fee of €4  each to get a button that allowed us to visit any of the 30+ museums in Frankfurt!  It was a great way to get to preview some of the great museums Frankfurt has to offer.

So at this point you’re probably thinking that we’re total nerds that spent an entire weekend in museums……………and you’re right, for the most part.  However, this museum fest turned out to be much more than we expected.  Observe…….

Friday night we crossed over the Main (pronounced “Mine”) river lit up like freakin’ Monte Carlo on both sides.  We randomly ran into our ex-pat American friends along the way, who joined us for a couple of brews while we listened to a band jam tons of American music – including hits such as “I will survive”, a Phil Collins medley, a cut from the Grease soundtrack, and “I’m so excited” (think Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell).  Afterwards we enjoyed some freshly made crepes with Nutella (I guess it’s the equivalent of funnel cakes over here).

Ryan and Katie enjoying their crepes – our American ex-pat friends.

Us and our crepes 

Saturday we ventured down to the city to check out a couple of museums and Dragonboat Racing.  The Dragonboats were long, skinny boats with a dragon on the front and corporate crews rowing to the beat of a drumming cockswain while being steered by a person in a kilt. The pictures are worth a thousand words here…….

As far as museums go, we checked out the Staedel and the Schirn – a contemporary and modern art museum, respectively.  Between Saturday and Sunday we also visited the Bibel Haus museum, which aimed to allow you to experience life during Biblical times and print a page from a German Bible using the Guttenburg Press; the Archeology museum which had an excellent collection of Greek and Roman artifacts and a guy dressed up in Roman garb (pictured below); and the German History museum which mostly covered Frankfurt history and included an exhibit on Heinrich Hoffman (the creator of Struwwel Peter – a children’s book in Germany that taught kids how not to be naughty).  

Myself and a Roman soldier at the Archeology Museum

Marisa with the Staedel contemporary art museum in the background.

She is truly a work of art.

There were tons of vendors along the streets, intermingled with random stages with various musicians and DJ’s.  There was a variety of ethnic foods available and tons of hand crafts and artwork.  We landed some pretzels as big as our faces and some new artwork for our living room.  Here are a couple more pics to appreciate the festival.

See... not as nerdy as you thought!

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