Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of my favorite things

When I was living in Atlanta I always wanted to have a fresh farmer's market close by and was very jealous of my friends, the Tison's, who had one they went to almost every week. They would cook up awesome meals with fresh meat and veggies and I wanted to be like that. Well now I am!!!! Every Wednesday and Saturday on the main street by our house called the Berger Strasse they have a full blown fresh farmer's market. Instead of trying to explain it to you I will show you.

A view of the market

All the meat you could imagine. I don't have any pictures, but they also have stands that sell cooked meat. A lot of people come out and grab a wurst and have lunch standing outside.

An olive shop- I still have not bought anything here, but it is very popular sometimes they have a line.

Lots and lots of fresh produce. I make sure to buy plenty for the week.

Potato stand- They have these little potatoes called butter kartoffeln and they are delicious. They taste like the butter was injected inside.

Beautiful fresh fruit.

The fresh flowers are my favorite. They have so many bright colors and amazing arrangements. I cant wait to put some in my new vase. I also saw some fresh fall wreathes this week.

Herbs and spices. I really wish I had my spice rack with me.

Lastly this is for our friend, Buck. They have more than just food at this market they also have an on hand carpenter. His whole stand is items he has made himself and he also carves right there on the sidewalk. It was fun to watch a craftsman at work.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the market I get to enjoy each week. It makes grocery shopping so much more enjoyable.

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