Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I almost slapped a Frenchman

Just to warn the readers this is a little bit of a vent.

I had the most unusual interaction tonight and I couldn't help but write about it. I was on my way back to Braunschweig for my last two days of training. I had just arrived on the train and was walking out of the train station when all of a sudden two guys starting talking to me in German. I am not sure why out of nowhere they decided to talk to me because I was just minding my own busy. I guess I didn't hear them at first and was kind of caught off guard so I said excuse me. Then they repeated whatever they said and I said the usually line sorry I don't speak any german, then they asked if I spoke french and I said sorry I speak English. Well go figure they spoke english and I guess I was the person they wanted to pick on that day. One of the guys starting saying well I am French and I speak german don't you think you should have learned some german and my response was I am learning I am just a beginner. Then he goes on to be a real a-hole and says well I thought intelligent people learned languages growing up and usually took the time to learn the language of a country they go to. Well you can imagine I was a little fired up. I mean who the heck does this snobby french guy think he is. He doesn't even know me and second I did not ask for this. So I stopped walking and turned to him and said, yes I did study a language it just happened to be Spanish and I moved here because my husband who speaks german took a job here. I ended with I am learning german and at least I am trying(so back off you frenchmen on your high horse, I only said that part in my head). I mean the nerve of him. I wanted to slap him across the face and say hey buddy why don't you not judge someone before knowing anything about them. This was just another example of the impolite french people I have encountered. It makes me really sad because I really like France, but man the people can be so rude. It also was a blow to my new found german learning efforts. I have found motivation again to learn german and I have been actually doing my rosetta stone(I know you thought I was doing it all along well that is another post for another day). I am back on the horse and then this smart ass comes along and tries to rain on my parade, no sir! So I walked away with my head held high and self confidence still standing.
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