Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Krautland

Check out this video from Christmas Eve in Frankfurt.  About four times per year a collaboration of 10 churches participate in the "pealing of the bells" in which they ring the mess out of 50+ bells in harmony for a solid 30 minutes straight.  It was nice joining thousands of people gathering with family, busting out champagne and whatnot to celebrate.

We also started a new tradition and made a Christmas poem entitled 
"Christmas in Krautland."

It all started Friday, with an absence of shopping,
the day after Thanksgiving, our Jackets were flopping,

As we watched games on the big screen with friends all around,
in the city of Tuebingen, at 5 a.m. there was hardly a sound,

We knew this December would not be the same,
but German me, aren't lame,

Marisa had the first taste, in the town of Braunschweig,
when she attended Berlitz training and tried the gluehwein,

Then it was off to Nuernberg to see one of the best,
but it didn't quite match up when we compared it to the rest,

Nuernberg was our first Christmas market, but not our last,
hanging out with Katy and Ryan sure was a blast,

German Santa told us about Jesus and over us he prayed,
he really liked America even though Connecticut was the only place he'd stayed,

Work Christmas parties were definitely highlights
food, conversation and music made for great nights,

We decorated the apartment with stockings and a plastic tree,
sending Christmas cards and gifts to the States sure wasn't free,

The ICF choir rocked "Mary did you know?"
and it was really a blessing to get a little snow,

Our Well Fed small group shared a meal and the Christmas Story,
then later shared Feuerzangenbowle and basked in its glory,

The lebkuchen was a treat that was not to be missed,
it only took three days of shopping to get everything on our list,

Attending Mass and listening to bells made up our Christmas Eve,
on Christmas Day we had some lamb and from our apartment did not leave,

All in all this Christmas in Germany has been a pleasant surprise,
and thank God for skype that's allowed us to see family with our own eyes.
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