Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"O Tannenbaum"

It is rumored that the tradition of a Christmas tree started in Germany. Don't believe me?  Check out wikipedia.  In staying with tradition we made sure to have one in our apartment. It might be small, but it brings all the Christmas cheer I need. At 120 cm it sits on our table and like many would say looks like a Charlie Brown tree. With some ghetto germany lights, beads and tinsel it is a for sure hit. We have managed to put a few wooden German ornaments on it and I can't wait to collect more.

With flash so you can see all the awesome wooden ornaments. I will have you know that they are all handmade here and I wish I could send one to everyone I know.

In full effect with lights and everything to give you a real idea of what we enjoy every night.

A little extra. What is Christmas without stockings. I hear they put tree branches in them if you have been bad.

I hope to write a post soon on some German Christmas traditions they are a little different, but very good as well. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and I wish one day you could experience a German Christmas - they really know how to do it.
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