Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tell me your thoughts!

We have decided that in 2010 we will be doing a lot more reflecting on the blog. I know you enjoy reading about our travels and we love writing about them, but we want to share with you some of our thoughts as well. We are not saying we will have some deep and intellectual thoughts (maybe), but more we just want to share some of our thoughts about living in another country and just random things that we think about. So here is to more random and not so random thoughts on the blog. Also I would love to hear from you, the readers. Is there anything you want to read about? Specifics of living overseas, being married, sports, or what do I cook, really anything. I really want the blog to be more of a discussion than just us posting. Also I love comments and feedback so please feel free to make that jump and be a follower of the blog or leave a comment (plus it makes me feel good). I hope to leave you with some questions to respond to or maybe a topic to discuss. Thanks so much for reading up to this point and looking forward to more blogging in 2010!
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