Monday, February 22, 2010

Fasching 2010

Fasching is the German equivalent of Mardi Gras. They go all out just like New Orleans minus the beads and boobs. There are still costumes, parties, and parades, but different traditions. From the cutting of ties to floats with current event/political themes. The biggest Fasching celebration is in Cologne and we hope to go there next year, but we gave the second best city a try this year - Mainz. Last Saturday night we got together with our sidekicks for fun, Ryan and Katy. Like true thespians they were in full costumes as a strawberry and a Mexican. The funny thing about Ryan dressing up as a Mexican was that we thought it was unique, but when we got to the party so did five other guys. Since this was our first time we didn't know what to expect, but we managed to get some masks. We ended up going to a brewery that was Bavarian style and enjoyed the classics- beer and brats. The place was decorated with every color and as we ate dinner a band came marching through playing songs from Grease. They also had a DJ for later in the night and he played lots of German songs that are traditional for Fasching...think YMCA and Macarena. They also had a costume contest and a group of cavemen and cavewomen brought home the prize. For our first Fasching experience it was definitely fun and full of laughs, I mean we were hanging out with a strawberry and a Mexican all night - what isn't fun about that?
Ryan and Katy all dressed up. We loved it and they fit right in with everyone.

Our little effort for a costume. Not too bad right?

Where all the celebrating went down.

Bier Turm = Beer Tower = A good way to get the party started

Next train 942 minutes? Might be faster to walk home.

Fasching...takes it out of you!
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