Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Someone is having a baby...and it's not me!

A congratulations are in order because my sister, Kendra, and her husband, Jeff, are having a baby! She is about 20 weeks along and found out last week that it will be a boy. This is their first child and they couldn't be more excited. I am super excited to get my first nephew. It is just crazy that Justin's brother and my sister have a baby when we live in another country. The funny story about her getting pregnant was they got pregnant right after they visited us in Germany this past fall. I guess the schnitzel has some mojo. We said they should name the baby something like Wolfgang, Hans, and any other really German sounding name.
Just to make sure you know, they labeled it for you. It's a boy!

Who is he going to look like?

Kendra and Jeff we are really excited for this new chapter in your life and we can't wait to meet the little guy.  Love you both and enjoy the journey!
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