Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guten Appetit!

One of my new blogger friends, Clare, suggested I blog about some of my favorite German products. I thought this could be a fun and ongoing thing. After living here for six months I have definitely found some products I like and I know I will miss when I leave just like I miss American products. I have to say I do love German supermarkets. There are just not as many options for products like in the States and it isn't as overwhelming. I mean how many cereals can you choose from? I shop at two stores mainly Aldi and Rewe. Aldi is like my Kroger and Rewe is like my Publix.
One product we really love are these Knorr or Maggi seasoning packets. For someone without a spice rack these things pack a lot of flavor.

Some you just add water and others you add a little cream (don't think American cream it isn't that thick more like milk). Also you add all the ingredients like meat and veggies. Like I said just imagine a packet of seasoning. The one in the middle is a staple in the Jackson family now. It is a herb sauce and it is awesome. Mix it with cream and pour over chicken and bake for 20 minutes.

I know what you are thinking that doesn't look too healthy but for one chicken piece it is about 250 calories so not too bad. I make it with brown rice or couscous and steam up some broccoli. I swear we have it once a week and we have not gotten sick of it yet.

And there you have a 400-500 calorie dinner.

We have tried so many of these packets and most of them have been a hit.  When you need a little flavor and don't have many spices these are just great. At Rewe there are tons of packets to choose from so no food should go unflavored.
The title of the blog is also something to explain. In Germany if you walk into a room and people are eating, Germans might look at your food and say Guten appetit. Which is quite funny. Some might say Bon appetit when they serve you your food, but not a random person who walks in the teacher's lounge and sees you eating your leftovers for lunch. But Justin and I have both experienced it at work. I guess it is something similar to, "that looks good."
So this is one of hopefully other posts about German products we like. And if you come and visit and want to try anything we have talked about we would love to share it with you!
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