Monday, January 17, 2011

Home for the Holidays: Atlanta - Part II

The second time through Atlanta featured some family time and a memorable New Year's Eve celebration spent with friends.

Top 5 Things to Do in Atlanta Before 2011:

1. Hang out with the Jackson family in Acworth.

Nice little get-together with, from top left: Jason, Dad, me, Arden, Candace, Krissie, Deb, Marisa, and Jake.

Arden was full of personality this time around.....and decked out in hippie outfits, compliments of Candace!

Jake got a new ax for Christmas, so we got it tuned up and had a crash course in shredding and melting peoples faces off.

2. Go out to eat New Year's Eve dinner at a swanky, french-sounding restaurant.

New Year's Eve Crew: Justin, Marisa, Chris, Liz w/Noah, Meredith, and Andrew

Marisa and Mere at Abbatoire - we think it's French for "butcher" or something like that.

Andrew and Chris with our waiter who hooked us up with all kinds of wacky meat products - that's what they do best.

3. Drink fancy, specialty beer with friends and watch neighborhood fireworks to bring in the new year.

Goodbye 2010.......

.....hello 2011!! Here we are watching some sweet fireworks, compliments of Hottie Hawgs Barbecue.

the Tison's last New Year's without children.

our always hospitable hosts - the Brazells.

it's tough to take anything seriously.

Melanie and Chris King dropped by to spread some New Year's cheer as well.

our anti-climatic champagne opening

4. Stay at home watching college football and ordering pizza on New Year's Day.

pretty much our default position all day - perfect spot for game-watching, chatting, and eating pizza

Jesse and Keight Dukes stopped by with their young-uns: Judah and Layla. I remember having our goodbye party at this very house and the Dukes came by with Judah in a baby carrier. They grow up fast!

Keight and Marisa hugging it out

5. Indulge in American consumerism by stocking up on necessities at Target before heading back over the Pond.

Every part of our trip home this Christmas was very enjoyable and refreshing. The time we spent with family and friends was much-needed and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

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