Thursday, January 20, 2011

Outsourcing: Why Do It Yourself......

After a year and a half of lugging full crates of beer nearly a kilometer from our beer store to our apartment and carrying the empty crate back to refill I finally came across the discovery of a delivery service!  I was making the monthly exchange this week when I noticed the store's van outside that advertised "Lieferservice" (delivery service).  I found out that these guys will deliver a full crate of 20 beers to your flat for 1 Euro!  Needless to say I ordered a couple of crates and had them delivered to my door after I got home from work the next day.  

There are many techniques for hefting these crates to and fro one's apartment - none of which I will share because I'll never carry another one again!  Here are my two crates delivered right to my balcony.

Perhaps your local beer store will also deliver, but I've never heard of it happening in the States unless you were ordering multiple kegs for whatever reason.  I bet your beer store hasn't let you "just come back tomorrow" to pay for the case that you're taking home because their debit card machine is down.  Yeah, that happened to me too.  Be jealous.  The only flaw is their lack of microbrew, but who can complain?


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