Monday, January 31, 2011

Our weekend away-Dublin round two

Back in November or so our coworker saw a deal on AerLingus for cheap flights to Dublin in January and we said why not. My good friend Shaun moved to Dublin about nine months ago and we hadn't seen him. In that time he had also gotten married and we needed to celebrate that big step. So last Friday we hopped a flight to Dublin for a fun packed weekend. Since we have been to Dublin before we were excited to get out into the countryside.

Saturday after a proper Irish breakfast cooked by Shaun, baked beans included, we all headed out to a place called Glendalough. Not too far outside Dublin sits this beautiful sight. It is home to a 6th century monastery and two lakes. It was great to get outside and see the amazing landscape that Ireland is known for.

Along the trail at the Lower Lake.

Lower lake with the monastic site in the background

Frost covered trees

Our navigator, Colt.  He is an Australian shepherd and a good looking dog! 

The Upper Lake. It was beautiful in the middle of winter,  I can only imagine what it looks like in Spring and Summer.

Had to take a picture in front of it.

With all the frost on the graves this place had a real serene feel to it.

I am in love with the Celtic crosses and this place was full of them and they were amazing.

Out in Temple Bar listening to an all girl band playing some jams like Johnny Cash, Florence and the Machine, U2 and good ol' Irish music. Nothing beats the music in Dublin. Sitting in a Irish Pub with awesome music playing is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It is right up there with riding my bike along the coast. (photo courtesy of Tran C.)

Doesn't Justin look very Irish here? It's the hat and the beard (photo courtesy of Tran C.) We did go with five of our coworkers, but managed to not get any good pictures with them. We had a great time in Temple Bar with them and Sunday at brunch.

The whole gang in Temple Bar for brunch on Sunday.

This is Oscar Wilde and this might be the best statue I have ever seen. The expression on his face in priceless.

All over Dublin are these Georgian doors and it gives the city a very regal present. And yes of course I took the picture of the door with 33!

I remember saying that we didn't want to double up on many places that we visited, but I could go to Dublin/Ireland ten more times. Each time we go we love it even more. Ireland has such a oppressed history and each time I learn a little bit more and learn to appreciate their culture. We had a very informative taxi ride to the airport and the taxi driver inspired us to watch the movie Michael Collins. If you have not seen this movie it is a great historical commentary of Ireland and their fight for independence. I can't wait to go back this summer with my Mom and visit the town of Tralee where my great-great-grandfather was from. I totally embrace my Irish heritage and just wish I had the sweet accent.


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