Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Four Years and counting

Last Thursday Justin and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. I know as cheesy as this sounds, but it gets betters with every year. You get to know each other so well and on such a deeper level. Justin was such a sweetheart and surprised me with some beautiful flowers and tickets to the theater. He took me to the English Theater in Frankfurt and we saw An Inspector Calls. It was a fabulous night and we both said we are excited for year five and for where God is going to take us.

The beautiful flowers he got from the neighborhood market! Spring colors I love them. A home is always better with fresh flowers.

I was really excited to give Justin a little something for our anniversary and I found this shop on etsy. If any of you have guitar playing men you should definitely check this out. I got him a custom made guitar pick with some favorite Ben Harper lyrics engraved on it. I loved seeing his face when he opened it, so surprised. He loved it!

I have to say being married to your best friend is such a blessing. We get to encourage each other, challenge each other and laugh all the time. 

Still feel this way about this guy! Love you Justin and Happy 4th Anniversary!

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