Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Weekend Away in Itay

I know this is totally out of order, but before Matt and Kim visited us in Frankfurt Justin and I went to Italy for a long weekend. With some video editing and me getting sick it took a lot longer than I thought to get this video up and running. This trip was kind of on a whim, but my girl, Bird, was going to be in Bologna when we had a national holiday, a Thursday and Friday off. So Wednesday after work we hopped on a plane with our Frankfurt friends, Ryan and Katy, and went to Bologna for two days and then the beach for two days. This was an awesome trip for so many reasons from seeing one of my best friends in the world, to new travel buddies, enjoying more of Italy, and of course the sunshine. In total we visited four cities and two countries in four days, Bologna, Ravenna, Rimini and the land locked country of San Marino.


Ryan and Katy!!!

I put together a little video of the trip for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Weekend Away in Italy 2011 from Marisa Jackson on Vimeo.

I am trying out Vimeo instead of Youtube, what do you think?

My favorite part of this trip was not having an agenda. We just did what we wanted and didn't have anything we had to do or see. We had great conversations over amazing Italian food and wine.

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