Monday, July 11, 2011

Graduation 2011!!

We finally finished our school year here in Germany and the end seemed to drag out so long! External exams (AP and IB) started the first week in May and finals for seniors ended on June 10th. Graduation did not take place until June 30th. Something new to me was that all the seniors took a trip together before Graduation and this year's destination was Mallorca. Not a European adventure like I am used to hearing about. Helping to plan Graduation was one of my new duties this year and man that made the last few weeks stressful. I wanted to make sure it was something all the students would remember. The ceremony went smoothly which is a success to me. After Graduation a group of parents planned a big fancy dinner at a hotel in Frankfurt. With only 55 graduates you can do that. There was a total of about 400 people from graduates and their families to teachers and administrators. It was a nice evening and a great way to end a school year. At the dinner Justin and another staff member, Wayne, got to play a few songs. The line up was Free Falling by Tom Petty, You Don't Know by Milo, Rolling in the Deep by Adele and a repeat performance of Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Enjoy some clicks from the performance. I know the students enjoyed it! Most of them didn't even know Justin could sing and play the guitar, they thought he was a straight laced Physics teacher.

ISF Graduation Dinner 2011 from Marisa Jackson on Vimeo.

First year as a University Counselor down and I really enjoyed it! Congrats Class of 2011!

--Marisa aka Mrs. Jackson
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