Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fussball Season

As all of you enjoy American football we are enjoying the exciting game that is fussball aka soccer. Pardon the photos they were taken with my little point and shoot from like 2003. A few weeks ago we headed to our annual Eintracht Frankfurt game. Justin was bound and determined to go to a Bundesliga (1st Division) game because last year we only made it to a German league game against a 2nd division team. So back in August we bought our tickets. We were dressed in all our Eintracht gear and it was starting to feel like I was back home cheering on my hometown team.

 Game face

 The Stadium

During the action

It was actually a really good game, but Frankfurt lost in the 89th minute. There were tons of shots on goal and posts were ringing. The only downfall that made the whole experience less enjoyable was the couple sitting in from of us smoked more in an hour and a half than I thought was possible. Once one cigarette was done they were lighting up the next. It was quite disgusting and really made me hate European sports arena for even allowing smoking inside. Due to the smokers I am in no hurry to get back to an Eintracht game..thanks for that.

Enjoy some highlights from the game and keep an ear out for the elusive German "scheisse".

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